Christopher Columbus BY ZVI-DOR NER


Christopher Columbus BY ZVI DOR- NER /// arthur nas very nice documentary of what took place and the adventure of a Spanish fleet/// Captain Ron Wonderful documentary. Thanks./// Janak Jodhan Will Lyman, NARRATOR, is gracious to lend his emotional voice to this episode. Fine delivery! //// Shantia Jones Thanks so much for the upload //// Randi Behrends I really liked the video.//// Adan Garcia Ok, still very informative. Well done //// Daily Data I watched this a kid many times. It fascinated me. Well done. /// Tracy Shaffer I wish this was taught in school with these videos, much more interesting! ///Franky Squadrito Very RESPECTFUL //// Rimas Meleshyus Great video, many thanks very nice documentary I love it ////Lone Wolf Clique Very educational and fascinating! /// Anthony Dremmel Excellent Documentary.//// Cristovao Dacosta thank you very much for this most important information of world History. Being a Portuguese Citizen ,we value the power and the beauty of the Oceans! //// ElPocho DelMundo This is amazing I am 72 years old, all of my life since I was a child I have known of the explorations of CC from Genoa, dna the Queen of Spain, etc., and the native resentment against him. But when you see those 3 ships, it suddenly is all so more real. Viva Sr. Columbus y los hermanos Pinzones y todos los marineros!!