After Eating Garlic Every day Cholesterol Levels

After Eating Garlic Every day, This Is What Happened to Her Cholesterol Levels, This Is What Happened to Her Cholesterol Levels ///// Mirage Smuler I love garlic because garlic is the reason why I don't have anymore allergies ///// Kitty Compilations Garlic dropped my blood pressure from 170/100 to 128/82 within a week of eating it.///// Hulkerine100 I always have garlic in my food, I'm part Italian, pasta & pizza is my favourite food and I always add garlic.///// light glow God bless you. its good news //// SandyQuinn50 I been eating a raw chopped clove of garlic every morning and I been feeling better plus my allergies have cut down by half..///// Ps Alex yes my mom use to fry garlic with mustard oil and apply on my body when I get sick. ////