Companies and Malls Going Out of Business

Companies and Malls Going Out of Business. Not every company or Mall was meant to be around forever the USA and CANADA had a surplus of retail stores and restaurants for decades now. It was only a matter of time they went bankrupt or closed.//// Out Of Shape Cartoons Can we please find a president as smart and aware as George Carlin! ///// bobafettfan32 This country is FINISHED...the people of this country are dumber than a box of shit and don't give a shit that they are dumber than a box of shit...long as they can go to the mall, strip mall, wal-mart and go to Burger King they think it's JUST FUCKING DANDY!!! ///// abscondam Many many malls. Major malls and mini malls. ///// T- Money Salis George is right... People in America are dumb... So he must be talking about White Corporate America cause they build all the malls,fast-food changes and everything in between...///// Lea M "Can she even locate her asshole " //// Scott William America is the stupidest country In the fucking world