China widens ban of canola shipments from Canada

China widens ban of canola shipments from Canada Al Mussell, research lead of Agri-Food Economic Systems, discusses China's decision to revoke Viterra's licence to sell canola and why lower crop prices could be likely for Canadian farmers.//// Henry L What was Trudeau thinking? Expecting China to send you a thank-you note after you kidnapped Huawei’s CFO? /////// tk Anyone saw the new Huawei p30pro review? Love it. ////// RRedline V The payback consequences for provoking big importer China. Trudeau is the main culprit, full-stop./// B Kelly Thing are getting mighty bad in Canada ///// Infidel Atheist Canada should follow Russia . No GMO and no Roundup. Kick out Monsanto. Just non GMO ,organic food. //// Stephen Yoong We in Malaysia & Indonesia have tonnes & tonnes of palm oil for China. Not to worry. Canadian farmers should start planting soy beans instead. Follow their boss./// can tho Not just with Canola people......canola is the largest but there are other bans as, wheat..///// Bingqi Zhou The Canandian PM is in trouble /// Maneis Invictus Rommel once said "Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning. " Trudeau the high school teacher is in over his head. //// Jc Saucedo I didn't know about Huawei phones but I want one now