benny hill tsolias

benny hill tsolias Benny Hill - Mr. TV Times w/Closing Chase (1974) Mr. TV Times is a send-up of female beauty contests. Cheryl Gilham and Diana Darvey are part of the judging panel, and DJ and Continuity Anouncer David Hamilton hosts.////////// PB King Ahh, missed beyond words!/////// Billy Bronco Benny was accused of being sexist by the PC brigade and yet this is a brilliant parody of "beauty" pageants showing the absurdity of contests like Miss World.....and as usual the joke is on the man.//////// Spliffie Bee Today I felt sick, something with my stomach seemed wrong. After watching this clip it was gone, simply laughed it away. Thank you Benny! /////// Κωνσταντίνος Γκιλος Pure Genius.And in reality Benny Hill loved Greece. He came quite a few times ////////// R Herrerra If I am lucky, when I die I will get to meet Benny Hill. ///////// Δημητρης Βριαρεως 0:55 Οτι θα εβλεπα και τσολια τον Μπεννυ Χιλλ δεν το περιμενα..///////////