Coca Cola Zero Sugar contains Aspartame

Coca-Cola-Zero-Sugar-contains-Aspartame-It’s sweeter than sugar and has zero calories, but aspartame is far more toxic than natural sweeteners. Here’s why. Most of us already know that this chemical is too good to be true. A common ingredient in diet soda and “low calorie” processed foods, aspartame does more harm than good when it comes to your health. Side effects of aspartame are even more far-reaching than actual sugar. We’re not talking just pesky headaches and nausea, but cancer, autism, heart disease, and more. Read on to discover why (and how) you should avoid this chemical at all costs. ////////// Aspartame is in many foods marketed as “healthy.” When you read this list and your labels, remember that aspartame is also hidden under the names “acesulfame K, NutraSweet,” and others, as mentioned earlier. 1. Baby food 2. Diet sodas 3. Gum and lozenges (for coughs and sore throats) 4. Sugar-free sweeteners like Equal and Splenda 5. Hot chocolate 6. Yogurt 7. Breakfast cereals 8. Sugar-free ketchup 9. Jams/jellies 10. Puddings 11. Flavored water 12. Hard candies 13. Meal replacement shakes and bars