Aljazeera China's Food Safety important documentary

Aljazeera-China's-Food-Safety-important documentary Al Jazeera Every year two million people die from unsafe food and water around the world. Food safety experts warn these deaths may be caused by human design, and nowhere is this trend more prevalent than in China.///////// M05E5 am now seriously worried about the world. am so tempted to seclude myself somewhere and create a self dependent farm ////////////trueopaque This documentary makes me want to buy fresh veggies and do food from the scratch more often. ////////// Carol Chen I really really hope Aljazeera offered to pay for a bit of the little girl's medicinal treatment in a private hospital as a compensation for filming the documentary or just out of kindness. She is so young and doesn't deserve any of this! /////////// Su Su's channel I was planning to visit China but after seeing this video, I have changed my mind. Thank you for this video./////////////Heinrich Muller Gutter oil, recycled noodles, fake eggs & everything under the sun... though that baby milk scandal did end up with some death sentences being handed out, I still think it was more a show of force by the government.///////////chee cheet We need more people like the good chef, the Greenpeace investigator, and the food testers who are making things better bit by bit. It will take a while but eventually it will improve, because this problem affects everyone and no-one wants the current situation. ////////////// Sarah Lara That's sad that the Chinese people are willing to poison their own people, for money. ///////////////Chloe Lin Death penalty to any one who uses dangerous food additives/ingredients and also educate the public to identifiy those unsafe stuff. //////////// takitogr omg. what an amazing documentary. well done al jazeera ///////////// mereu netulburat This documentary should be an eye-opening experience to all. Thank you Al Jazeera English! /////////////