DIMITRIS-PAPAVASSILIOU-Το-καλυτερο-ψωμι-της-νεας-Σμυρνης ///// Greeks-How-did-we-lose-our-way Sandy kARAISKOU ///////////Bruno Qirim The Greeks are good hearted people. Cheers from Egypt ! /////////// Gene Dexter What a beautiful people. I must see Greece! ///////////// Genco Abbandando A nation's greatness is not measured by the size of its coffers. It's measure by the size of its people's hearts. /////////////////// Sander Van Hove Retired at age 42??? Thank the lady for being so honest, burt again retired at age 42? /////////// redstar19 Greece should promote their country more to the Chinese tourist. The Chinese will pump in all the tourist money. The Greek will have improved business and better income.//////////// Barskor1 How did Greece go wrong? One Socialism. Two you have a government. Every government's failures are rewarded with more power and money thus make success undesirable. //////////// William Wonka yeah no sympathy for Greeks. 2/3 never paid or paid little tax in their life and the government is just as corrupt. Now cry me a river //////////// athena emmanouilidis How? They joined the EU, That's how.Did their politicians speak with the best economists to see if it would be in their best interest to join the EU? NO they didn't care.Economists here were saying that it would be very bad for the poorer countries.Roufianoi!! Prodotes!!!! /////////// george fourtinas The only people that make money here in Greece are hotels , clubs and coffee shops ! im greek i live in greece ////////////// Harry Serpanos The bailout was for the creditors, not for Greece. Prior to Greece joining the euro, they had one of the lowest debt to GDP levels in Europe and their pensions were not a problem. The reason countries of southern Europe got into such a debt mess, is mainly due to the design of the common currency union; without a central fiscal economy authority "Federation like the US" controlling and setting a unified euro economy policy and collecting taxes for the union and setting agreed limits of state debt, providing federal support to the states like the US federal government does and a central bank that can issue euro bond and set unified interest rates, you end up with an incomplete union that advantages the stronger economies. The stronger economies get a competitive export advantage with a devalued currency and the weaker economies products became less competitive and their terms of trade worsened over time. At the core of this euro mess, the stronger economies exported deflation to the weaker states, while the weaker economies exported inflation to the north. without a unified federal structure and euro bond, when the crisis hit, there was no federal government there to bail them out with euro treasuries, like the US government did for the state of Nevada after the GFC. A bad design that will end up tearing apart the EU and fueling European divisions and nationalism. WHAT A MESS. STOP BLAMMING THE GREEKS. ////////////// ExcIuded I cant thank my great-great grandmother and grandfather for making the journey from Crete to ellis island so many years ago to give their future family a better life.Well, your effort was well worth it and will never be forgotten... At least, not by me. Our Greek family is flourishing and proud, I will never let it die!!! //////////// iam1ina1000000 Greedy, corrupt Greeks have refused to pay taxes for decades and then they have the nerve to whine when the country is billions of dollars in debt and they have to beg someone to pay their bills. Who exactly do they think is supposed to pay for the street lights, the sewers, the highways, hospitals, schools, police, firemen, garbage pick up, etc. They are a bunch of shameless, pathetic freeloaders! I have no doubt these 'tax police' are taking secret cash bribes from businesses, to make up for the 40% cuts in their salaries. The whole bankrupt country is rotten to the core and only the next generation will clean up the cesspool that is drowning Greece. Cheers to them and good luck! /////////// George Kafantaris she should not be getting a pension if she rents out an apartment..in australia we do an assets test.