don't drink this garbage


don't-drink-this-garbage ////////// Mr EastCoastMan You have to watch this video on the acidic water that some name brands are selling. It is proven the PH levels are making you sick and keeping you sick. please watch and share so everyone can see these shocking results :(Here is a link talking about the topic http://worldacidrainsecrets.blogspot....) ////////////// mrprosale I never buy bottled water. I distill my water, stainless steel distiller. Then bottle it into glass bottles. I add SHUNGITE stones to the water, which has minerals, also it's a carbon 60 element that charges the water, check it out. I also add Ancient Minerals from UTAH salt lake deposits that you can buy online. Man, Woman: I feel AWESOME, my health has improved at least 50% and that is after 2 month... so don't trust bottled water, even the good brands now have contaminants from OUR man made pollution. So, stop polluting or at least be aware to reduce pollution, we are responsible for our future water! Check out the water documentary, it's eye opening. /////////////// Mark Darling If you think EVIAN is actually spring water from France, spell their name backwards to reveal what you are. ///////////// WeAreSource 777 2 months ago Oh my I just listen to the last part of your video, if you truly care about people dive deep into the World Health Organization.. they're part of Agenda 21 now change to agenda 2030.. depopulation they're truly the ones that behind all of the poisoning.. I wish you the best and I'm not attacking you at all.. take care many blessings to you //////////// Phil Tay Dasani is tap better...I can tell from taste..I've been drinking spring water for 30yrs... Aqua fine is crap /////////// Jackj28 I don't believe your tests! I've seen reliable tests that contradict your tests. I stay away from Desani and Aquafina. They are cheap crap water owned by big soda companies and YOU might be too as I see you pushing them lol... FYI I Only drink alkaline water thank you./////////// Nick Connelly Dasani is the worst water you can drink it’s loaded with fluoride. This guy has no idea what is talking about. Fiji is solid./////////// AGENT X SECURITY THIS REPORT IS WRONG.?. ITS NOT BOTTLE WATER , ITS PLASTIC WATER !!!!. THE CHEMICALS IN THE PLASTIC IS MAKING U SICK.!!!. USE REAL GLASS BOTTLE WATER !!.EVEN IF IT COAST MORE.!!. & CAN BE RE-USE AGAIN.!!.& ADD A GOOD FILTER TO YOUR WATER.!!!.