Chinese Children Abandoned

Chinese Children Are Being Abandoned By Their Parents ///// Jon doe These parents have a choice. Stay put and watch their kids starve or leave and be able to provide for them. That is not an easy choice for anyone to make. I'm a parent and I don't know what I'd do if given that choice. Don't judge these people. ////// Chelsea Jennings The parents love their children just like any parents anywhere else. They have to go to the cities to earn money to pay for school to help their children be more educated. They want better for them than they had. Children aren't allowed to go to the cities with the parents according to government law, not the parent's choices. Kudos to the grandparents for helping out and stepping in where they can to help out while parents are away earning money! /////TW0T0NGUE This documentary is excellent. I have always wanted to visit (and perhaps invest in) rural China ////// Copmy D This is not abandonment. Their parent sacrificed for leaving their children to find work and end meet to help support their children's education. This is happening everywhere throughout Asia country. They have a choice, living together or far apart and bringing wealth and hope for their children. This is a big sacrificed for the most couple living in the rural area.///// Hobi.mine.sunshine I feel so bad:(I would adopt 3 or 4 Chinese kids who need a family ////// Amie Lee that kid is so mature for being only a 13 yr old and btw they''re NOT ABANDONED by their parents, they're parents are migrant workers who can't afford to take their kids along!!! ///// Eli Bourget I want to help these kids out so bad. I cried when that little girl said she's never had a birthday cake. I almost choked on my tears SOMEONE GET HER A CAKE. I hardly ever cry./////////////// tom Kuo The kids all look so healthy, much better than average American kids, and we are talking about the poorest mountain areas in China. ////// John & Kelli Parks China's rural countryside is amazingly beautiful. ///// peter Mr goudas Is a ( misleading title )Their parents are working to support the kids, not abandoning them.