China world power again

China - world power again DW Documentary /// toady Wow. Chinese citizens are optimistic about the future. They believe the next generation will have a better life than the current generation. //// 2519Anan I think China is actually an old-world power who is on the rise again. ///// Osman Ahmed What you German's need to understand is that China does not trust the US using soft power through the internet. It's their sovereign choice to restrict some American or European websites. If there is no trust, then there will be no openness. All western people have done is to attack other cultures. Look at Chinese history and you will realize they are not like you. They have their own story. Give more respect. ////// Philip Schwartz Look, the people are eating and life is as organized as you are going to get with a billion-plus. China is on the way up and with trump, the USA is on the way down. This is not " fake news " ///// Map practice. world map Unity of Chinese people is their strength, and. WORLD-CLASS LEADER President Xi. Making china more powerful. LOVES from INDIA. ///// Shuai Liu Those people who only know China by your country media, especially the people of Europe and America, I suggest you Study the history about the end of 18s, What did your country do to China in that ages? Then maybe you will understand why your media used to describe China as a devil, just in order to cover up its crimes!!!! ///// No Pls I am grateful Chinese culture exists. Without it, the world would be a very different place, and for the worse. //// madmanjshum Total respect to China and salute to President Xi. /////////// David Ben-Abraham Much respect for President Xi Jinping. Greetings from Israel. //////////// Bugatti Boss It's truly amazing how China has achieved so much since opening up in 1979! China is a leader and inspiration for all the developing world! ////// Mark Wang feel lucky and proud to be Chinese! ////////// 梁浩 people in China can enable to speak anything,if you claim that XiJinPing or CPC is bad ,no one will Punish you,just everybody will think you are the true Idiot ,because CPC did the best job,CPC better than all the government of democratic state,so,if you have the best government can give you best future already,why will you need other ?///// Ha Sa China is great and deserves respect. other developing countries should study their model and try to change themselves. //// Bombardier an l'eau They love their country, have taken out 700 million out of poverty, have developed so much in 30 years, thanks to Chinese the world can enjoy things at much cheaper prices which have helped ease lives of many, list is long. Here in France, we haven't been able to build a simple ring road around my city for 30 years because a handful doesn't want that. ///// _軍Inferno As My Life Advice: If you don’t understand Chinese, don’t come to China because we don’t speak English or understand English. //// s3xyScorp When Russia tried communism it failed big time,, how come China can make it work? //// Humano Cósmico Amarillo very good documentary //// Bingo Sun Noon China is watching the USA in the rearview mirror.