100 Million Chinese Homes

100 Million Chinese Lose Their Homes /// nortfishlsweetnr Why would all this hurdling people from place to place inspire consumption, they have obviously learned to save everything not needed for basic needs because they can't trust the government to leave them in peace to build a future anywhere, they could lose everything at any random moment. Same thing everywhere, no freedom/ no security= no growth/ no prosperity. //// Tiempo Nuevo china will one day be sorry they have displacedd farmers. //// Stella Bar Such a horrible situation for farmers and working poor in China. This was a real eye opener about what is really going on there. ///// Tammy S Thank you for this great video. ////// Arthur Giles It's the same the whole world over - some people put themselves forward "to serve the people", they become politicians, and they get MORE IMPORTANT than the people, they also think they know more than the people they were meant to serve. So what do they do? They decide that the people don't know anything and must be TOLD what to do. The people at the top (politicians) are carried by those they consider beneath them - but the people at the bottom are the foundation, and if they stop working then the whole system falls down. The irony is that the politicians can never see this happening - after all, THEY KNOW BEST. ///// Bob Martin With so many almost completely empty cities that are already built that is brand new I don’t understand the terror these people go through //// charles williams The last problem you would think for a population of over 1.4 billion people would be a lack of actual people in cities. I wonder if any of the people who were displaced from their small cities received any kind of recompense for their move. //// immrnoidall this is why they push for nuclear war so much. they want to depopulate fast and blame someone else. take a good look. the obama / clintons of america want this for us . //// James Tan It is a mistake. A big mistake of the Communist Regime. You don't evict without first resettling them. This will go down into the history book of China, how the powerful will lose their power. When the communist came into power, majority of their supporters WERE FARMERS. The next generation after Mao/Teng has forgotten. Oppression will give rise to rebellion! Better stop this eviction without resettlement. I am not an enemy but deeply deeply and deeply concern! I hope there are some changes. /////// vinu prakash88 This is artificially boosting the consumption, its forcing people to consume....people don't grow money on trees to afford ever increasing prices of commodities...this is going to be a economic bomb