DR.-EVAGGELOS-VERGOS ////////// EVANGELOS VERGOS, Ph.D. Is an agronomist by degree, and currently the Associate Dean of Continuing Education and Extension Services at Perrotis College. He coordinates the Livestock Management specialty, and leads adult education (certified trainer, Ministry of Education - EOPPEP code #: 405184-2007) for the institution. Evangelos earned his doctorate in Reproductive Biotechnology from the University College Dublin in 1991. In 2000, he earned a fellowship from Harvard University for graduate studies in Human Resource Management on Tertiary Education, a State Scholarship for graduate studies abroad (69th program abroad, 1988-1991) and a Graduate Fellowship from the Faculty of Agriculture (Aristotle University, 1986-1988). Dr. Vergos coordinates rural evelopment programs and entrepreneurial opportunities in the agrofood sector via the Centre for Agricultural Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the American Farm School. Since 1993, he participates in various rural development missions in Africa (Mozambique) the Balkan and Black Sea countries (FYROM, Kosovo, Serbia, Romania, Georgia). His professional and research interests include development and implementation of innovative programs towards environmental sustainability, development of the agrofood sector, bridging methodologies of applied agricultural research and production with education and entrepreneurship for sustainable rural development. He has fifty eight peered reviewed scientific publications in the areas of livestock breeding and adult education, and several reported case studies on entrepreneurship. He is a member of the Agrotechnology Committee of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, the Cluster of Organic Producers of FING, and the National Agrofood Network of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Foods, and serves as an evaluator in research proposals (Secretariat General of Research and Technology, Ministry of Education). ////////// CHRISTOS ROZAKIS, NIKOS GAVALAS,ALEXANDRA TRICHA, KOSTAS BOZAS, STEFANOS BOZAS, DR EVAGGELOS VERGOS, AGGELINA KYRIAKOPOULOU, ELENI BOUBOULI, CHRISTOS PAPAIOANNOU,YIANNIS MARKIDAKIS, ,POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA