CHRISTOS-ROZAKIS ///////// was one of those disappointed with politicians and the decisions they have made which forced him to close his sports car automotive shop and move back to the small town rural life. There was a funny cute scene where Christos was being scolded by an older woman inside his boyhood town who said he should be taking care of business by having a child. He explains that he does want a child, but cannot afford one. Next, the reporter Philip Williams interviews him at his small town carwash where he still works with and details cars. Christos admits that he is not opposed to any type of work. Washing Cars or shining shoes, he says just let me do it. Later Philips interviews Christos behind closed doors at his private home and as Philip says, the real raw emotions takes over. Christos explains that he comes from a people and culture who invented Democracy. But then he says that he is wishing that Greece could rather have some kind a dictator now instead of democracy. He of course blames the present politicians for Greece's problems and then with tears and more raw emotion he explains how Greeks are not a lazy people. ////////////// HELLENICPRIDE100 Christos Rozakis @ 23:05" .......You make me so proud...////////// Mark Stevenson GREAT STRONG PEOPLE GOD BLESS YOU ALL FROM NEW ZEALAND ////////// paul davies I LIKE THIS --- i m from britain ,,, and i m ALSO GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS !! . PS --- i love CHRISTOS !! , i love his passion for his country !!!! i want every greek to feel that , in fact i want EVERY EUROPEAN TO FEEL THAT !! ///////////// jack bas Christos I understand and love you man !!!! wish you all the best and the luck you need !!!!!!!!!!!! ///////////// CHRISTOS ROZAKIS, NIKOS GAVALAS,ALEXANDRA TRICHA, KOSTAS BOZAS, STEFANOS BOZAS, DR EVAGGELOS VERGOS, AGGELINA KYRIAKOPOULOU, ELENI BOUBOULI, CHRISTOS PAPAIOANNOU,YIANNIS MARKIDAKIS, ,POSTED BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS TORONTO ONTARIO CANADA