300 Spartas story greece

300 Sparta the real story 480 B.C//////////alex campbell To be remembered for outstanding courage and fighting spirit after 2000 years, these Spartan guys can be very proud of themselves.//////////////SAMMICHES The Greeks eventually won but because this was the first major example of quality over quantity, it's the most depicted. Later, Alexander the Great defeated Darius III and completely dominated his entire empire. Never was able to capture him though. So those of you saying the Persians won that's true for the battle, but not the war./////////// Domenic Brangiforte thay would have won if not for that trader ////////// 1Ronin 187 True warriors! So much love and respect for the Greeks./////////// KATE OFFICIAL i was there, cooking hamburger for casualties ////////////// Alek Kotero i love how they talk as if they know their personalities and actions.//////////// Tesshin ryū Dojo I wish Americans didn't do history videos because they don't have any history. ////////////// warren robete if this is a type of a fight in World War III then count me in..face to face battle //////////// Frederick Randall the narrator is the dad from gossip girl //////// Grant Armstrong Leonidis is my Hero. He was worthy of being a Scots soldier. 300 Spartans; I SALUTE YOU! //////////// chiosocc8 Sanchez We learing about Rome Greece and Athens in school ////////////// /////////// Julia Carl If you guys really like ancient Greek history from the era of around 480 bc. Then READ Herodotus The History. One of the 1st history books ever written. Then you will see then most of these documentaries have their facts wrong. //////////// WizardMagic its spartans not 300 sparta ////////////// Sachin Kush No doubt it was a Great sacrifice by Leonidas & his men for Greek ////////////// Michael McGarry 300 dudes vs 750,000 . Those are good odds. ///////////// john Spartan THE GREEKS FOUGHT LIKE REAL WARRIORS SHOULD, NOT LIKE PERSIAN MONGOLS WITH BOW & ARROWS. LONG LIVE LEONIDES AND THE 300 SPARTANS!