Categories:  DOCUMENTARIES ///////////// Mamadee Diakite Published on Apr 18, 2015 The People’s Republic of China continues to demonstrate her commitment to helping Liberia meets the challenges of post-Ebola recovery with a huge donation of assorted medical supplies and equipment valued at five million United States Dollars. The donation includes pickup trucks, incinerators, motorcycles, hospital beds, healthcare products, personal protective equipment (PPEs), bottles of hand washing disinfectants, forklifts, etc. Here is a Mamadee Diakite Production covering the turning ceremony of the Chinese donation. April 13, 2015./////////////// tyjghjghhh notice how the chinese official watches the liberia president sit first before he sits down...that is cultural respect taught within chinese society to respect your elders, your leaders, and leaders of other nations. if this was western officials, they just sit on their FAT ass and don't wait, don't care if other nation's president sit first, inside their own country. this is because it is lack of cultural knowledge and respect for other cultures of nations around the world, they expect YOU to bow to them, and act to their way of etiquette, which is NO etiquette at all towards other countries.