Ebola Outbreak Body Collectors

Ebola Outbreak The Body Collectors ////////////// Sky News Sky News' special correspondent Alex Crawford gains rare access to burial teams doing one of the most dangerous jobs in the world - treating ebola patients in Liberia./////////// Taylor Dennis 11:38 ..bruh why tf they following him around with a camera while he’s mourning the loss of his sister..showing no regard for the fact that he needs his own privacy //////////// Jens Holmström I Have some mad respect for the ebola medics! This makes Me hearbroken to see /////////// Liv Pedersen Can’t stop thinking about how they are today, the survivors, the families and the doctors..//////////// dah mackintosh I respect these people /////////// Hannah Mckenzie Send my love to all familys ////////////// Stone Roses These medics & body collectors are very honourable people, risking their lives to protect their community. /////////// Shithole Countries American virus to kill us but God will kill them for us by there own diseases they make //////////// Brittany Chanel My God why does life has to be so painful sometimes ////////////// Christine Vander Ploeg terribly saddening //////////////// Sallu Bhai 06:02 Salute this Brave heart