Celebrities whose HIV AIDS

Celebrities-whose-HIV-AIDS-Diagnosis-Shocked-Fans ////////// Todd Heath It was pretty shocking finding out Robert Reed (AKA Mike Brady) died of complications associated with HIV. I'm surprised he didn't get an honorable mention.////////// Ernest Barteldes It is incredible how Magic Johnson is STILL healthy almost 30 years after his diagnosis. God bless him ///////////// Jimmy Owens so much potentially great music was lost forever with Freddy Mercury's and Eazy E's deaths //////////// Dennis Dowd I didn't know about Isaac Asimov, which has always been a hero to me. It is sad that such a great man died that way. As a medical professional at that time, it was awful to watch wonderful kind innocent people just die from the disease so quickly. It is different now, but unfortunately still a lot of people are not protecting themselves and others to prevent HIV /////////////// . Sulaymaan Kingseed I feel sorry for all the people who contracted this disease while trying to do something good like donating blood but as for all the other people who contracted it by doing evil. I guess I should not say anything on that tip, I mean we talking about people who are dead or people who are going to die in a disgraceful manner. //////////// Vincent Cobb What about: Anthony Perkins, Denholm Elliott, Brad Davis, Howard Rollins, Ray Sharkey, Amanda Blake, Tony Richardson, Derek Jarman, Klaus Nomi, Ofra Haza, Sylvester, Perry Ellis, Halston, and Willie Smith.////////////// xhagast Asimov's death shocks me the most. I loved the guy. His books, ANY of them, are excellent. And he died of AIDS. Before his time. All deaths are tragedies but this is just wrong.//////////// Tricia Senior Is it really necessary for the whole world to know about folks illnesses ? These Celebrities have a right to privacy too, but for some reason the press and general public think they should be told of every little detail about their lives