1947 partition India &Pakistan

1947-partition-of-India-and-Pakistan-documentary POSTED IN FLYERMALL AND BILLBOARD BY SPYROS PETER GOUDAS ///////////// Ratnesh Pandey We are talking about past here are abusing each other. It is a shame for us. Look at the world and other countries how they moved on and build their nation. I strongly believe this was a insecurity feeling that caused terror & dark spirits in everyone mind at that time.////////// Kushal Dasgupta Madness, sheer Madness...//////////// akash tyagi those were british bastards created tensions among two religions //////////////// Reevan Amin It could have been avoided and india pakistan and Bangladesh would have some great things together ////////// dark toxic It's hilarious how the British divided such a close and warm relationship between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs, yet probably 75% of this comment section are full of derogatory remarks towards Muslims.//////////// K yaqoob Pakistan and India should not be celebrating Inde[endence day rather it should be a dark day . killing own people brutaly , shows the menatlity of indian and pakistanis which still is evident from the current generations .